Goverdina Maria

Oil on board
Signed l.r. dec. ’21
h x w:  50 x 40 cm

€ 85,- frame & CoA included.


In the winter of 2021/2022 we were in a long lockdown due to the Corona pandemic and I felt very lonely. And also I was suffering from a nasty disease called ‘DermatoMyositis’, which affected my skin (derma) as well as my muscles (myo). I had become very weak and my energy-level was down to zero, as was my mental state (see also my painting ‘Dark days‘). Will I ever get better? And when is this pandemic over?
In this painting I expressed my anxiety, fear and anger that I kept ‘under water’ but which was ready to explode … It helped: I did not explode!
This painting is closely linked to ‘Dark days‘ which I painted in January 2022.