Goverdina Maria

Dark days / Donkere dagen

Oil on canvas on board
Signed l.r.  jan. 2022 and on the back

50 x 40 cm (60 x 50 cm incl. frame).


€ 160,- incl. frame & CoA.



Since October 2021 I have lived through some dark days. An auto-immune disease (dermatomyositis) struck me, which drained all my energy, made me lose a lot of weight and really made me feel weak. Whether it was due to an allergy to corona antibodies (I was vaccinated and caught corona as well) or something else, I don’t know. The treatment – with very high doses of prednison – presented me with lots of uncomfortable side-effects that almost prevented me from feeling any improvement. Of course prednison only  suppresses symptoms so by now I am lowering the doses slowly but surely in order to find out whether there is any improvement at all. At this moment (spring ’22) it seems so, and I hope this will be sustained.
I wanted to express my fear and dreariness on canvas, which was very difficult as one of the side effects is trembling and shaking ++ !! I didn’t know what to paint and I just let it happen … and this is the one that developed. Quite dark indeed, but I’m glad some light manifested itself as well.
I painted this one rather quickly – wet-in-wet.