Me. Unfinished. / Ik. Onaf.

Oil on canvas
hxw:  40 x 30 cm
Signed l.r. and on the back, Goverdina Maria Jan. 2021.
€ 115,- incl. frame & CoA.

I painted this during a long corona-virus-lockdown which made me feel a bit insecure and. Although I am used to being on my own, I missed going out to concerts, museums, restaurants, shops, and meet my loved ones. I felt strong and lonely at the same time.
Some of my critics say: it’s not right, the eyes are too big, the colours too bright, etc. To me, what matters is what I wanted to express. This can’t be put into words, it had to be expressed like this. If I had been seeking for a exact copy, I would have taken a photograph.
I do like this portrait, is it unfinished? I myself, I am unfinished. It seems impossible to finish a ‘selfie’ like this. I am constantly learning and I have the strong feeling that I will only be ‘finished’ when I’m dead. So I will continue to work and learn until I’m ‘finished’!