Earthen pitcher with fruits
Goverdina Maria

oil on canvas
signed upper left, dated May 2021
painted in the Tichelaar House in Makkum (NL).
30 x 40 cm, 39 x 49 incl. frame.

€ 105,- incl. frame & CoA.

In May 2021, still in lockdown because of Covid-19, my sisters and I were vaccinated and decided to rent a beautiful house in Friesland, in the North of the Netherlands. We ended up in the famous ‘Tichelaarhuis’ in Makkum, from the ’tile dynasty Tichelaar’. The house was beautiful, of course full of the typical Makkum tiles and we spent a wonderful weekend in this place. Unfortunately the weather was awful (cold, rain and stormy), not very inviting for long walks. But the house offered several interesting objects for painting, like this rather large earthen pitcher which was standing in some corner, half tucked away behind heavy curtains. We cooked with olive oil, and ate many fruits, so a still life was not difficult to arrange on the large wooden table.
My sister Liesbeth (1959 -) is an architect who also paints and she started to do some aquarel work. And I decided to paint the still life, in one Sunday afternoon. In the background I managed to give a faint impression of the Makkum tilework picture on the wall, a tall ship in particular.