Through this page you will discover more ‘forgotten’ European women artists from around 1850 – 1940, who are not in my collection (wish they were!), yet deserve to be celebrated and known by a greater public. They are ordered by country & surname. The number of names will grow in time.

Olga Wisinger-FlorianBertha von Tarnóczy Sprinzenberg

Anna BochLouise de Hem

Anna Ancher – Anne Sophie Petersen – Bertha Wegmann

England & Wales
Edith HumeAnnie SwynnertonElizabeth Thompson

Elin Danielson-GambogiMaria Wiik

Louise AbbémaMarie BracquemondEugénie Salanson – Suzanne Valadon –

Dora Brandenburg-Polster

Nola HattermanLucie van Dam-van Isselt – Jacoba van Heemskerk – Wally Moes – Suze RobertsonThérèse Schwartze

This is just the beginning, many more interesting painters to follow – if you have any suggestions for more great but ‘neglected’ women artists, please let me know. I’m working steadily to fill this page.
Ien G.M. van der Pol,
Fem Art Collection & Fem Art Europe