Most famous painters of the 19th century seem to be men, besides a few exceptions. Yet there were so many fantastic female artists!

Mission & focus
I collect unknown or forgotten female painters of the Lowlands (Netherlands & Belgium), of the 19th and early 20th century. My personal mission is to have these paintings cleaned and restored if necessary and to put them and their makers in the spotlight. They deserve to be seen, to be known and to be enjoyed.
So we are not talking about the famous female artists like Laura Knight, Mary Cassatt or Berthe Morisot, but about equally talented women who were sadly forgotten or overshadowed by their famous husbands, unknown to the general public.
The artworks below are in my current collection; they give me a lot of joy. I hope you will enjoy them too. By collecting the works of women artists, I want to honour their Art. Come, have a look and remember their names.

Online art gallery of my Fem-Art Collection
Nelly Goedewaagen (1880-1953)
Edith Hume (1843-1906)
Johanna van de Kasteele (1858-1951)
Lucie Keijser (1873-1958)
Sientje Mesdag-van Houten (1834-1909) – 2 works
Tilly Moes (1899-1979)
Coba Ritsema (1876-1961) – 2 works
Coba Surie (1879-1970)
Bertha von Tarnóczy Sprinzenberg (1846-1936)

Fem-Art Exhibition
The problem is, I’m not very rich, so it will take a while before I can present a substantial collection. But when I have collected enough female masters and her-stories, I plan to hold a real exhibition. Until then, enjoy what is here. And if you like Fem-Art Collection, any donation is welcome, so more works can be acquired and preserved.
Thank you!

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